Traditions (2012)

by A Town In Fear

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    Traditions Album (2012)

    "Our family and friends are one of our main inspirations for this record. We have been through some ups and downs so far as a band and in our lives and we would like to share some of our genuine experiences with you"

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A record that sums up the band’s thoughts, and feelings about their family and friends. It also speaks about how this world truly is and how sometimes, we all just feel like giving up and giving in. A message of positivity can be seen in few songs too, speaking of how they have been motivated and how the band has moved on. The record also includes their singles “Never Concede” and “Deadhorse”, which, when released, soared with great response. A track to look out for is definitely “Traditions”, which is the title-track off the album, displaying the heavy yet melodic direction that these boys are moving into.


released November 3, 2012



all rights reserved


A Town In Fear Singapore

A Town in Fear has been around since March 2012. Since their inception, the band has constantly ripped the tip of this music masquerade, mashing up hardcore/metal with the lush vibrant melodic sounds of punk and post-rock. The band’s live shows are fast, aggressive and chaotic. Tuck jumps, stage dives, headbangs and mosh pits are what this band sets out at every show. ... more

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Track Name: Milestones
Keep searching for, the life you choose, choose to live.
Your passion's dying, say what you want to say but it won't mean a thing.
These words they push and pull you in, push and spit you out.

Take, take, take everything.

I've been searching for the road that I've been dreaming off.
And I've been searching for the road so far gone.
These eyes they will show me the way,
These grounds they reek of the blood of the dead.

Blood of the dead!

Distance is just a measure of how it fucking used to be.
No matter how fucking far it takes us, (we will be free)!

We are the one who run our lives! (Run Our Lives)

A wretched soul, settled in, take control of what we dream.
Heart to heart, and fist to fist, lies the stones to our beliefs.
And we will settle for, the ones who (LOVE AND CARE)!
And we will settle for, the one who're really there.

Who were there,
All along.

I've been searching for the road that I've been dreaming of.
And I've been dreaming of the right time to say,
We are sick of this...
So fucking sick!

I'd rather be dead than be a man of two colours,
And I'd rather be dead than to be pushed down under by you!

This life is all we have and we will stand for something,
Something more we can ever but never be.
Track Name: Deadhorse
With the past, haunting my every move or every step I ever take (I ever take!).
So heartless, and cold is what describes the life we live.

What does it take?
So put your fucking heart back,
Where it belongs.
What does it take?
To make you realize that we are not the same.

That we are not the same.

Time is a weight disillusioned in me.
Time is an object that will never portray, loss.

I am the man for whom I am.
Don't judge me for this is where I stand.

This is where I draw the line!

So take a look at this very life you fucking call your own,
Is this everything you deem, perfect for the perfect ending?

Perfect, perfect for the end.

Perfect for the dead.
Track Name: Traditions
A thousand pictures paint these words that were left unsaid,
But these memories, keep coming back to haunt our days.
We scream and we shout our LUNGS out to the world.
But they are ignorant, they won't hear a fucking thing.

This is the MOMENT.
This is our TIME.
Remember the roots that brought you here, they gave you LIFE!

They are our families, friends and/or enemies.
What happened in history will be, history!


I'll paint these pages for myself.
I'll write these books on a broken shelf.
I'll break these walls that hold us in,
That hold us in!

These walls that cage us in!

Is this the life that we have chosen?
Is this is the life that we have led?
These are the dreams kept in motion.
They are the stones that had our backs.

We will transcend,
Above the rest.
And we will not fall victim,
To the pressures of a DYING WORLD.

We will never sink.
Nothing we will lose if,
If we have them in our dreams!

In our dreams!

These are our TRADITIONS!
Breathe life from the start.
Engineers of our being,
This is who we are!
(Who we are!)
This is who we are!
(Who we are!)
Track Name: Unparalleled

I've seen what I can be, a better man than now,
Now DEAD and ALONE, before my fucking eyes!

Battered inside, we seen better days and years of life spent cold.
Battered inside, we seen better times of the bitterness that's left untold.
Better than everything, we are, or how we used to be.
Better than this, we will not RESIST, CHANGE!

(We will not resist),

Born to choose, the life we wanna live.
Cause I'm not giving up or giving in, to all of these.
We are who we really are!

I walk this streets at night,
Empty hearts and hollow eyes.
That our futures won't be graves.
Gravel, dust, and lone decay.
I'm taking life in my hands,
I'm taking the way it is.
I'm taking life back from the start,
I'm taking life the way it ends.


Time to let go.

Greater than nothing, born to choose.
The life we wanna live.
I am that one, who will never be the BASTARD YOUTH!

Hope and pray, that life in the end will come in tune with what we choose.
With our hearts, and find solace in (solace in!), in everything we know,
In everything we are.
Track Name: The Hardest Fight
We're choking under waters.
And time is running thin.
And we're facing our demons,
Yet nothing's left within...

Sunrise, and sunsets, it's another day (another day!), another year goes by..
Sunrise, sunsets, but nothing changes, we are all, (all the same!)


And take us back to the start.

This world is desperate,
And we are desperation.
Track Name: Never Concede
Crush resistance (Crush Resistance Fuck!)

Smiles all fractured, silence comfort,
Wishing wells of what we've lost.
Burning bridges, skipping stones and,
MOVING FORWARD without remorse.

Too few choices, fading voices,
Keeping close to the ones we love.
Broken hearts don't mend themselves, but,
We will find it all WORTHWHILE!


Without a sight of what we have become,
Of what we became.

Open your hearts!
Open your minds!
Never giving in,
Or giving up, ON THIS FIGHT!

We swarm like vultures,
They will never make it out alive (make it out alive!)
Crusher of hopes and hearts,
Only a pity fool will recognize..

So many times,
That I have tried and failed (On my own!).
So many times,
That I have sent my ships to sail (All alone!).

So many anchors,
So many anchors tossed ashore,
Laying the tracks for the miles and the roads that we have been, searching for.

We choose to stand, all alone..
We build our hearts, hearts of stone..
We choose to stand, all alone..
On a city of winding lights..

I know this will, this will be the death of me!
I know these words, these words will forever sink!
Track Name: Repeaters
I feel nostalgic to this world of hope we call our own.
Looking for the answers to the questions we will never know.
Been searching like the sun that's hidden by the darkened sky.
Sheltered from a bitter heart, a bitter taste that's left of mine!

Destiny, has got me by, looking in my face.
I become a cyst, to this world, a fucking human race!
Of every person, everyone, not even one is true.
Are we hopeless, or is it helpless, truth but a few.

I tried and tried, but these lines never fade nor bend.
Depicting times, that made sense, of how things used to be.
Of how it used to be!


Perfection lies in all you see!
Is this what fools like us believe? (Be-lie-eve!)
Born to learn and born to breathe,
Repeating, repeating, the same old SHIT!

Design and fabricate, this is the life we call own (Call our own!)
This is what we call our home, this is how it is for some.
This is how we make this world to be.
The world will be!

This world is nothing more than you can imagine,
This world is all our own!

We'll be nothing more, nothing more than (you achieved!)
We'll be nothing more, nothing more than you can achieve!

Hollow hearts, without its souls, carry us to sleep.
We're all but ghosts, of our past, regret's on our feet!
But we must stand for our beliefs, searching for what's right.
Knowing that we all will not live ourselves another, lie!
Track Name: Trenches
They say that we are free, but are we free at all?
Independence of our speech, is such a (mockery!).
Dear father, you fought to pay the price, a price for our demise.
Another legacy you left behind, but your childrens' blind (but your chidrens' blind!).
Blinded by trust,
Blinded by fear,
Blinded by everything they ought to hear.

They ought to hear this for themselves!

Is this the war, that we are fighting for? (fighting for!)
Like graves in the sand, we will bury in...
Bury In!

This will be the end.
This will be the end.
Of everything.

This won't be the end.
If I can find, the words to say.
Is this the voice? The chance to breathe?
Into the ones, who cared the least.
So FUCK THE SYSTEM we are deceived.

Face the facts, we are dead and gone.
Drowned by beliefs, of the ones who run our freedom.

The pain within my heart.
Just a touch within my reach.
Just a thought could change the world.