Demo 2010

by A Town In Fear

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released October 1, 2010



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A Town In Fear Singapore

A Town in Fear has been around since March 2012. Since their inception, the band has constantly ripped the tip of this music masquerade, mashing up hardcore/metal with the lush vibrant melodic sounds of punk and post-rock. The band’s live shows are fast, aggressive and chaotic. Tuck jumps, stage dives, headbangs and mosh pits are what this band sets out at every show. ... more

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Track Name: Deadhorse
With the past, haunting my every move or every step I ever take.
So heartless and cold is what describes the life we live.
What does it take?
So put your fuckin' heart back,
Where it belongs.
What does it take?
To make you realize that we are not the same.
Time is a weight disillusioned in me,
Time is an object that will never portray, loss.
I am the man for whom I am.
Don't judge me cause this is what I stand.
What do you stand for?
So take a look at this very life we fuckin' call our own,
Is this everything we deem perfect for the perfect ending?
Perfect, perfect for the end.
Perfect for the dead.
Track Name: Boundaries
There's no solution, in this mind of mine.
Spent hours trying, recollecting past, collide.
I find it harder, harder to breathe.
My time is wasting, wasting each second i perceive.
Draw your lines.
All on your own.
Picking up from where you left is all you ever did, is all you ever did.
It's not a question of how you made it through the years,
Driven by the fears of letdowns or regrets.
But more a reason of how you pushed everything,
And defined what you choose to define.
Your life, your struggles, decided by how you choose to live.
You are living in a world, a world full of hopes and dreams.
Hoping for reality to knock and pull us away.
I can feel my face on this cold hard earth,
For the times we spent hurting ourselves.
I can pretend that this isn't real
But I choose to accept and make things count.
Show me a way.
A way out.